Streptavidin HP SpinTrap are prepacked, single-use spin columns and 96-well filter plates for the preparation of protein samples and enrichment of proteins of interest from clarified cell lysates and biological fluids

  • For simple, small-scale protein enrichment through immobilized biotinylated biomolecules.
  • Fast and flexible protocol with elution conditions formatted for both electrophoresis and LC-MS analysis workflows.
  • Useful for exploiting either the strong interaction of biotin and streptavidin or the somewhat weaker interaction of 2-iminobiotin and streptavidin.
  • Each column is packed with Streptavidin Sepharose High Performance for reproducibility and high performance.
  • Easy scale-up with HiTrap Streptavidin HP prepacked columns.

Streptavidin HP SpinTrap can be used for protein enrichment, where a biotinylated antibody (or similar affinity molecule) is attached to the streptavidin and the protein of interest is enriched through the affinity interaction with the antibody. The columns can also be used for the direct enrichment of proteins that are biotinylated. By binding a specific biotinylated protein to the column, protein-protein interactions can also be investigated.

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Product Product Name Price
28903130 Streptavidin HP SpinTrap 16 columns Discontinued, replaced by HiTrap Streptavidin HP

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