HisTrap FF Crude columns are high binding capacity IMAC columns for his-tagged protein purification when scalability is needed.

  • High binding capacity – binds up to 40 mg his-tag protein/mL resin.
  • Excellent flow properties – great performance even at high flow rates.
  • Optimized for unclarified samples – short purification time can minimize potential negative effects, such as degradation and oxidation of proteins.
  • HiTrap column format – compatible with syringe, pump, or chromatography system such as ÄKTA systems or other FPLC systems.

His-tag protein purification from unclarified lysates

HisTrap FF crude is a ready-to-use column, prepacked with precharged Ni Sepharose 6 Fast Flow. After thorough cell disruption, it is possible to load the unclarified lysate on the column, without precentrifugation and filtration.

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Product Product Name Price
17528602 HisTrap FF Crude, 100 x 5 ml 100 x 5 mL Discontinued, replaced by HisTrap FF Crude, 5 x 5 ml
29048631 HisTrap FF Crude, 1 x 1 ml 1 × 1 mL 56.13 USD Add to cart


11000459 HisTrap FF Crude, 100 x 1 ml 100 x 1 mL Discontinued, replaced by HisTrap FF Crude, 5 x 1 ml
17528601 HisTrap FF Crude, 5 x 5 ml 5 × 5 mL 771.00 USD Add to cart


11000458 HisTrap FF Crude, 5 x 1 ml 5 × 1 mL 214.00 USD Add to cart


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