ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are validated high-performance bioprocessing columns that are supplied prepacked and ready for use. These ReadyToProcess columns are prepacked with Capto Phenyl (high sub) resin for the intermediate stages of protein purification. Capto Phenyl (high sub) HIC resin combines high capacity, high flow rate, and low back pressure to reduce process cycle times.

  • Improved productivity and process economy in downstream operations compared with Phenyl Sepharose (high sub) Fast Flow.
  • Exceptionally high flow rates for processing of large sample volumes.
  • Excellent chemical stability.
  • Fulfills industrial demands for security of supply, robust performance, and regulatory support.

Capto resins are based on a rigid, high-flow agarose base matrix with an optimized pore structure that offers outstanding pressure/flow properties.

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Product Product Name Price
29119051 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 20 L (359/200) 20 L On Request Get Quote
29194484 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 10 L (251/200) 10 L On Request Get Quote
29207816 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 2.5 L (126/200) 2.5 L On Request Get Quote
29225988 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 5 L (178/200) 5 L On Request Get Quote
29287578 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 3.7 L (178/150) 3.7 L On Request Get Quote
29287579 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 6.2 L (178/250) 6.2 L On Request Get Quote
29287580 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 7.4 L (251/150) 7.4 L On Request Get Quote
29287581 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 12.4 L (251/250) 12.4 L On Request Get Quote
29304091 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 15 L (359/150) 15 L On Request Get Quote
29304092 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 25 L (359/250) 25 L On Request Get Quote
29316634 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 1 L (80/200) 1 L On Request Get Quote
29321929 ReadyToProcess Capto Phenyl (high sub) 32 L (450/200) 32 L On Request Get Quote
29376124 RTP Capto Phenyl (HS) 57L (600/200) 57 L On Request Get Quote

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