These ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are prepacked with Capto SP ImpRes resin and are a cost-effective solutions for intermediate and polishing purification steps. ReadyToProcess columns are validated high-performance bioprocessing columns that are supplied prepacked and ready for use.

  • High-resolution intermediate purification and polishing resin based on the well-established Capto platform with traditional ligands.
  • Flexible process design due to large operational window of flow rates and bed heights.
  • High manufacturing productivity enables cost-effective processes.
  • BioProcess resin developed for large-scale chromatography.
  • Security of supply and comprehensive regulatory support.
  • High throughput purifications easy to optimize and scale.

About Capto SP ImpRes

This chromatography resin is part of an expanded high-resolution platform based on the high-flow agarose Capto product line. By combining the high-flow characteristics of Capto resins with a small particle size, Capto SP ImpRes delivers excellent pressure-flow properties with impressive resolution. The ability to run at high flow rates and high bed heights allows for flexibility in process design.

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Product Product Name Price
29376128 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 57L (600/200) 57 L On Request
29101662 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 2.5 L (126/200) 2.5 L On Request
29101665 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 20 L (359/200) 20 L On Request
29146147 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 5 L (178/200) 5 L On Request
29101663 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 10 L (251/200) 10 L On Request
29715992 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 3.1 L (126/250) 3.1 L On Request
29101661 ReadyToProcess Capto SP ImpRes 1 L (80/200) 1 L 14 366.00 USD Add to cart


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