ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are validated high-performance bioprocessing columns that are supplied prepacked and ready for use. These ReadyToProcess columns are prepacked with Capto Core 700 chromatography resin for purification of large entities such as viruses and viral vectors.

  • Novel core bead technology and multimodal, octylamine ligand give Capto Core 700 dual functionality. This chromatography resin has both size exclusion and binding properties.
  • Novel core bead technology allows efficient capture of contaminants while target molecules are collected in the flowthrough.
  • Significantly improved productivity and higher flow rates compared with standard size exclusion (gel filtration) methods.
  • Straightforward optimization due to flowthrough chromatography and robust performance.
  • Convenient small-scale purification, process development, and scale-up using prepacked HiTrap and HiScreen columns.
  • Resin fulfills industrial demands for security of supply, robust performance, and regulatory support.

Capto Core 700 is composed of a ligand-activated core and an inactive shell. The inactive shell excludes large molecules (cut off ~ Mr 700 000) from entering the core through the pores of the shell. These larger molecules are collected in the column flowthrough, while smaller impurities bind to the internalized ligands.

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Product Product Name Price
29175700 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 10 L (251/200) 10 L On Request
29119812 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 2.5 L (126/200) 2.5 L On Request
29020257 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 1 L (80/200) 1 L 15 994.00 USD Add to cart


29410473 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 5L (178/200) 5 L On Request
29255522 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 20L (359/200) 20 L On Request
29464142 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 1.9 L (126/150) 1.9 L On Request
29610456 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 6.2L (178/250) 6.2 L On Request
29445827 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 32L (450/200) 32 L Temporarily unavailable
29631005 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 57 L (600/200) 57 L On Request
29704354 ReadyToProcess Capto Core 700 0.8 L (80/150) 0.8 L On Request

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