These ReadyToProcess chromatography columns are prepacked with MabSelect SuRe chromatography resin and are excellent for capture of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) at process scale. ReadyToProcess columns are validated high-performance bioprocessing columns that are supplied prepacked and ready for use.

  • Novel, alkali-tolerant rProtein A ligand withstands rigorous CIP and sanitization procedures with 0.1 to 0.5 M NaOH.
  • Reduces the risk of product contamination and carryover.
  • Novel ligand design gives enhanced protease resistance resulting in lower ligand leakage.
  • Generic elution profile for different monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) enables platform approach to purification.
  • Used in the commercial manufacture of MAbs.
  • High-flow agarose matrix allows the processing of large feed volumes.

About MabSelect SuRe

MabSelect SuRe has an alkali-tolerant rProtein A ligand that allows the use of rigorous and cost-effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sanitization protocols based on 0.1 to 0.5 M NaOH. This ligand provides greater stability than conventional protein A-based media in the alkaline conditions used in CIP and sanitization protocols. The enhanced alkali-stability of MabSelect SuRe improves process economy and product quality; cleaning can be performed with cost-effective reagents such as sodium hydroxide, eliminating the need for expensive and hazardous cleaning agents such as Gua-HCl.

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Product Product Name Price
29287555 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 3.7 L (178/150) 3.7 L On Request Get Quote
29212474 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 32 L (450/200) 32 L On Request Get Quote
29287561 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 3.1 L (126/250) 3.1 L On Request Get Quote
29287560 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 1.9 L (126/150) 1.9 L On Request Get Quote
29287559 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 1.3 L (80/250) 1.3 L On Request Get Quote
29287558 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 0.8 L (80/150) 0.8 L On Request Get Quote
29287562 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 7.4 L (251/150) 7.4 L On Request Get Quote
29287557 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 12.4 L (251/250) 12.4 L On Request Get Quote
29287556 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 6.2 L (178/250) 6.2 L On Request Get Quote
28901717 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 2.5 L (126/200) 2.5 L On Request Get Quote
29304086 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 15 L (359/150) 15 L On Request Get Quote
29304087 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 25 L (359/250) 25 L On Request Get Quote
29376118 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 57 L (600/200) 57 L On Request Get Quote
28951110 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 1 L (80/200) 1 L On Request Get Quote
29145980 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 5 L (178/200) 5 L On Request Get Quote
28901718 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 10 L (251/200) 10 L On Request Get Quote
28901719 ReadyToProcess MabSelect SuRe 20 L (359/200) 20 L On Request Get Quote

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