Blue Sepharose 6 Fast Flow is Cibacron Blue 3G coupled to Sepharose 6 Fast Flow. This resin is well established as adsorbent for albumin and interferon at both laboratory and process scale

  • Designed for large-scale purification of interferon and albumin. Also used for isolating groups of enzymes and removing of albumin
  • BioProcess resin supported for industrial applications and well-established in approved processes
  • Cibacron Blue 3G covalently coupled to the base matrix allowing for low ligand leakage and high capacity

Blue Sepharose 6 Fast Flow is a member of the Cytiva range of affinity chromatography resins for capture and intermediate purification. Blue Sepharose 6 Fast Flow is composed of cross-linked 6% agarose beads modified with Cibacron Blue 3G covalently attached by the triazine coupling method. The blue dye binds many proteins, such as albumin, interferon, lipoproteins and blood coagulation factors. It also binds several enzymes including kinases, dehydrogenases, and most enzymes requiring adenyl-containing cofactors e.g. NAD+.

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