Calmodulin Sepharose 4B affinity resin for purification of proteins with affinity for calmodulin, a highly conserved regulatory protein involved in many cellular processes in eukaryotic cells.

  • For single-step purification of native calmodulin-binding proteins
  • Suitable for tandem affinity purification (TAP) of protein complexes
  • Purification of calmodulin-regulated proteins from all eukaryotic cells

Calmodulin is a highly conserved regulatory protein found in all eukaryotic cells.This protein is involved in many cellular processes such as glycogen metabolism,cytoskeletal control, neurotransmission, phosphate activity and control of NAD₊/NADP₊ Calmodulin binds proteins principally through their interactions with hydrophobic sites on its surface. These sites are exposed after a conformational change induced by the action of Ca₂₊ on separate Ca₂₊-binding sites. The binding of enzymes may be enhanced if the enzyme substrate is present and enzyme-substratecalmoldulin-Ca₂₊ complexes are particularly stable

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