Product has been discontinued and is not replaced.

  • Enables sensitive detection of GST fusion proteins
  • The wells of each plate are coated with purified Anti-GST Antibody to capture GST fusion proteins and are preblocked to provide a low background
  • Contains five microplates, horseradish peroxidase (HRP), conjugated Anti-GST Antibody, and recombinant GST protein.

GST 96-Well Detection Module permits rapid, sensitive determination of glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion proteins in a variety of samples. Clarified lysates or intermediate purification fractions can be applied directly into the wells of GST 96-Well Detection Plates. GST fusion proteins are captured by specific binding to Anti-GST Antibody that is immobilized on the walls of each well. Captured GST fusion proteins are detected with HRP/ Anti-GST Conjugate provided in the module. Standard curves for quantification of fusion proteins can be constructed using recombinant GST, which is included as a control. The GST 96-Well Detection Module can also be used with antibody specific for a GST fusion partner to screen as many as 96 samples per plate to identify clones expressing the desired GST fusion protein.

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27459201 GST 96-Well Detection Module Discontinued

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