• Resolves pI differences of 0.04 pH units.
  • Developed for chromatofocusing, form linear pH gradients.
  • Mixtures of selected amphoteric buffering substances of different pI and pKa values.

Chromatofocusing is a chromatography technique that separates proteins according to differences in their isoelectric point (pI). The pI of each protein is the pH at which the protein has zero surface charge. Proteins with different pI can be separated by being passed through a chromatofocusing column (packed with a specific resin) while a pH gradient is generated on the column by specifically designed and matched amphoteric buffers. Proteins elute in order of their isoelectric points. To achieve consistently high resolution, generation of the linear pH gradient requires an even buffering capacity over the entire pH range used for a separation.

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Product Product Name Price
17071301 Polybuffer 74 Discontinued
17071401 Polybuffer 96 Discontinued

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