Immunoprecipitation Starter Pack contains 2 mL of nProtein A Sepharose 4 Fast Flow, 2 mL of Protein G Sepharose 4 Fast Flow. The instructions describe a generic step-by-step method for immunoprecipitation and include buffer recipes, a troubleshooting guide, and references.

  • Protein A and protein G have different binding selectivities depending on the origin of the IgG
  • The proteins are immobilized on Sepharose 4 Fast Flow by the cyanogen bromide method
  • High binding capacity with minimal nonspecific adsorption
  • Low leakage

Immunoprecipitation is a highly specific and effective technique for analytical separations of target antigens from crude cell lysates. In combination with other techniques such as SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting immunoprecipitation can detect and quantify antigens, determine relative molecular weights, monitor protein turnover and posttranslational modifications, and check for enzyme activity.

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