Q Sepharose Fast Flow is a strong anion exchanger based on the well established Sepharose Fast Flow ion exchange platform, extensively used for preparative protein separations in both research and industrial applications.

  • Well-proven strong anion exchanger developed for industrial downstream processes.
  • Used extensively for capture and intermediate purification of a wide range of approved biopharmaceuticals
  • The industry standard for ion exchange chromatography during recent decades
  • High chemical stability allows for well proven CIP and sanitization protocols
  • The hydrophilic nature of the base matrix ensures low levels of non-specific binding leading to low levels of host cell-derived impurities in the elution pool.

Q Sepharose Fast Flow is part of the Sepharose Fast Flow ion exchange platform, which has been the industrial standard for ion exchange chromatography during recent decades. It is composed of crosslinked 6% agarose beads, with quaternary ammonium (Q) strong anion exchange groups. Q Sepharose Fast Flow has high chemical stability, allowing well proven cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sanitization protocols. Scale-up with Q Sepharose Fast Flow is straight forward and the resin is available in a range of pre-packed process development tools.

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Product Product Name Price
17051010 Q Sepharose Fast Flow, 25 mL 25 mL 100.32 USD Add to cart


17051060 Q Sepharose Fast Flow, 60 L 60 L On Request
17051005 Q Sepharose Fast Flow, 10 L 10 L On Request
17051004 Q Sepharose Fast Flow, 5 L 5 L On Request
17051001 Q Sepharose Fast Flow, 300 mL 300 mL 584.00 USD Add to cart


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