Sephacryl High Resolution size exclusion chromatography resin allow fast and reproducible purification of proteins, polysaccharides, and other macromolecules by size exclusion chromatography at laboratory and industrial scale.

  • Cost-efficient gel filtration resin providing high resolution with fast and easy operation.
  • Five different fractionation ranges available in Sephacryl HR family allows for reproducible separations over a wide molecular weight range
  • Sephacryl S-500HR High Resolution resin is recommended to separate polysaccharides, macromolecules with extended structures and even small particles such as plasmids (fractionation range Dextrans 4 × 10⁴ – 2 × 10⁷)
  • BioProcess resin supported for industrial applications and well-established in approved processes.

Sephacryl High Resolution chromatography resins is a highly versatile size exclusion chromatography resin that offers a wide range of fractionation capabilities. The matrix of Sephacryl High Resolution resins is a cross-linked copolymer of allyl dextran and N,N’-methylene bisacrylamide. This crosslinking gives good rigidity and chemical stability. The narrow particle size distribution, together with steep selectivity curves, results in good preparative characteristics with maintained high resolution. The hydrophilic nature of the resins minimizes nonspecific adsorption and maximizes recovery. The excellent resolution and flow characteristics, long-term physical and chemical stability, and ease of handling make Sephacryl HR the resin of choice for routine purification.

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