Ease-of-use: The intuitive user interface simplifies evaluation and control through the interactive process picture.

Flexibility: Adjust the system and software to fit your needs by adding more features and modifying methods.

Efficiency: Share methods and results, and access systems remotely.

Data security: UNICORN™ 7 keeps data secure through robust database handling.

UNICORN online
UNICORN in network installations
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Product Product Name Price
29708934 UNICORN™ 7 Process Development UNICORN™ Package for Process Development On Request
29708936 UNICORN™ 7 Filtration/Wave UNICORN™ Package for Filtration/Wave On Request
29702890 UNICORN™ 7 WrkStn pure-BP-exp Workstation for ÄKTA pure™, ÄKTA pilot™, ÄKTA process™, ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 3 330.00 USD Add to cart


29697974 UNICORN™ software Trending Tool UNICORN™ software Trending Tool 550.00 USD Add to cart


29702892 UNICORN™ 7 Column logbook lic Column logbook, network license 1 332.00 USD Add to cart


29708933 UNICORN™ 7 Academia UNICORN™ Package for Academia On Request
29702880 UNICORN™ 7 DoE License DoE concurrent license 1 998.00 USD Add to cart


29702894 UNICORN™ 7 WrkStn avant Workstation for ÄKTA™ avant 5 993.00 USD Add to cart


29702882 UNICORN™ 7 Remote Remote license without DVD 1 332.00 USD Add to cart


29702888 UNICORN™ 7 Evaluation Classic Evaluation classic 266.00 USD Add to cart


29702884 UNICORN™ 7 Dry Dry license without DVD 667.00 USD Add to cart


29702886 UNICORN™ 7 StdAlon Evaluation Standalone evaluation 399.00 USD Add to cart


29708935 UNICORN™ 7 Manufacturing UNICORN™ Package for Manufacturing On Request

[1] This is not the latest software version. Cytiva continuously improves its software products with new functionality, defect correction and with updates to the security and privacy protocols. By using an old software version you may not receive all security and privacy updates and functionality. Cytiva recommends that you use the latest software version. Cytiva assumes no liability for damages or losses resulting from your use of the old software version.

[2] Please be aware that this software version requires the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. Please refer to Microsoft for more information on availability and support of that OS version. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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