AxiChrom chromatography columns are controlled via AxiChrom Master, a control unit with touch screen and motor drive.

  • Preprogrammed automated methods for packing, unpacking, priming, and maintenance to simplify column handling and improve uptime.
  • Compatible with the entire range of AxiChrom chromatography columns, from 300 to 2000 mm. One control unit can be used to control up to 20 individual columns with AxiChrom Master 300–2000.
  • Integrates via PROFIBUS™ into UNICORN or a higher automation system, such as DeltaV™ Distributed Control System.
  • Batch records can be saved when connected to UNICORN or other automation systems, simplifying your documentation needs.

AxiChrom Master supports Intelligent Packing

When connected to an ÄKTAprocess system, UNICORN software is used as the operator interface for priming, packing, and unpacking columns using automated methods created with the Intelligent Packing wizard.

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29046543 AxiChrom Master 300–1600 1 Temporarily unavailable
29342118 AxiChrom Master 300–2000 1 On Request Get Quote

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