BioProcess Resin Mixer is an automated system for chromatography resin handling, designed for large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Automated capability to support column packing and cleaning-in-place (CIP).
  • Controlled and gentle mixing of resin slurry.
  • Compatible with AxiChrom chromatography columns.

BioProcess Resin Mixer helps to generate and transfer a homogenous resin slurry, which plays a critical role in column packing when resin volumes increase. By gently generating an even particle size distribution throughout the slurry, it can help prevent excessive shear forces that may otherwise lead to resin degradation, clogged nets, and increased back pressure.

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Product Product Name Price
29404715 Resin Mixer 1250L ASME 1 On Request
29404714 Resin Mixer 500L ASME 1 On Request
29404716 Resin Mixer 2000L ASME 1 On Request

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