Monitor pH/C-900 is a combined unit for accurate, on-line monitoring of pH and conductivity in a wide range of liquid chromatography applications.

  • Measures pH and conductivity simultaneously (temperature-compensated).
  • Complements UV monitoring by providing true elution conditions.
  • Extremely useful for optimizing gradients, monitoring reproducibility over several runs, and ensuring the quality of samples, buffers, and data from other instruments.
  • Wide dynamic range from 0-14 pH units and 1 µS/cm to 999.9 mS/cm eliminates range settings. Highly suitable for applications ranging from low conductivity reversed phase to high salt separations.
  • High-performance flow cells handle flow rates up to 100 ml/min.

Monitor pH/C-900 precisely measures the elution conditions of chromatographic separations, either as a component of ÄKTAdesign systems or as a standalone instrument. It displays pH, conductivity, and temperature. Since temperature can influence both pH and conductivity, the monitor compensates for temperature variations of these readings. Self-diagnostics ensure continual reliability and reproducibility. Both the pH and the conductivity/temperature flow cells feature low cell volume and high linearity for accurate measurements.

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