Monitor UV-900 is a multi-wavelength UV-Vis monitor that uses advanced fiber optic technology to monitor with high sensitivity at up to three wavelengths simultaneously in the wavelength range 190 to 700 nm.

  • Novel flow cell design and fiber-optic technology result in high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio with minimal band broadening.
  • Three detection channels allow simultaneous measurement of differently absorbing compounds and purity checking.
  • Xenon flash lamp provides high sensitivity, continuous spectrum light, and long lamp lifetime.
  • Simple to use either as part of ÄKTAdesign systems, see ÄKTA design - One Platform from Basic Research to Production, or as a standalone detector.

Monitor UV-900 is not only an integral component of ÄKTAdesign chromatography systems, but is also an excellent standalone multi-wavelength detector. The application of fiber technology to the design of the flow cell means that focused light is continually reflected back into the flow path. The cell features a long path length while retaining a small volume and a design that prevents formation of lens-shaped interfaces between eluant components of different refractive indexes. Fiber optics allow the flow cell to be placed close to the column outlet. These innovations increase signal-to-noise ratio, while decreasing band broadening, noise, and thermal drift. The result is a very sensitive, stable, and reliable UV/visible detector.

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