The Micro kit for ÄKTA pure 25 M enables a flow path with low hold-up volume and provides a complete solution for small sample volumes and micropreparative columns. The kit includes monitors, valves, holders, tubing, and connectors. You can also order the Micro kit factory mounted on the ÄKTA pure micro system.

  • The small internal volume of the kit's flow path allows working with sample volumes in the microliter (µL) range.
  • Peak resolution maintained from column to fraction collector.
  • Allows collection of purified samples in small droplets.

The Micro kit includes the components: On-line filter holder, Mixer chamber 0.6 mL, Injection valve V9M-J, Injection kit, Sample loop 10 µL, Sample loop 50 µL, UV Flow cell U9-2M, Multidirectional column clamp, Conductivity monitor C9M, Outlet valve V9M-Os, Tubing kit Micro (tubing and connectors), Eppendorf™ Tube Holder, and Micronozzle for Fraction collector F9-R.

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29302910 Micro kit for ÄKTA pure 25 M 1 On Request

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