The mRNA Purification Kit is designed for the rapid purification of polyadenylated RNA from eukaryotic total RNA. The kit is based on a specially developed procedure featuring prepacked spin columns containing Oligo(dT)-Cellulose.

  • Purifies mRNA in 30 to 45 min from total RNA extracted from 25 mg to 1 g of cells or tissue.
  • Features predispensed reagents for each purification, which minimizes the risk of nuclease contamination.
  • Produces mRNA ready for direct use (without precipitation) in procedures such as cDNA synthesis, PCR, Northern blot hybridization, and in vitro translation.
  • Compatible with total RNA isolated by any currently available method.
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Product Product Name Price
27925801 illustra mRNA Purification Kit 2 purifications (4 columns) 1 kit Discontinued
27925802 illustra mRNA Purification Kit 4 purifications (8 columns) 1 kit Discontinued

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