For use with Xcellerex™ single-use mixer systems and mixer bags, our Xcellerex™ XDA powder bags are designed to contain and transfer solid materials for dispensing into single-use mixer bags.

  • Solid liquid mixing for cell culture media preparation
  • Storage of powder

Powder bags may be handled and dispensed manually or using an associated hoist. Each powder bag contains a 3” Tri-Clamp™ powder addition port designed to connect to a corresponding powder port on each mixer bag, ensuring a closed system during powder delivery. Xcellerex™ XDA powder bags allow a controlled and precise volume addition of solid material. Powder bags are available with both Fortem™ film and 1026/1077 film, and in both 5 kg and 10 kg sizes.

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Product Product Name Price
888-0358 Xcellerex™ XDA Powder Bag (10 kg) PL-1026/PL-1077 film 10 Kg On Request
29399775 Xcellerex™ XDA Powder Bag Fortem™ film 10 Kg On Request
29399774 Xcellerex™ XDA Powder Bag Fortem™ film 5 Kg On Request
888-0375 Xcellerex™ XDA Powder Bag PL-1026/PL-1077 film 5 Kg On Request

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