Designed for in-process storage and handling of bioprocess fluids, buffers and cell-culture media in 100, 200 and 500 and 1000 L versions.

  • Quick and easy setup saves time, allowing the user to attend to other tasks.
  • Ergonomic design facilitates bag installation and bin transport.
  • Bag features minimize manual handling.
  • The 500 and 1000L Bins have a removable door makes bag installation easy and ergonomic.

Flexible configuration of fluid processing systems

ReadyToProcess bins are designed to minimize maintenance and provide a long service life. The use of ReadyToProcess bins together with our ReadyCircuit Bag assemblies allow for a configuration of a wide range of sterile, disposable fluid processing systems.

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Product Product Name Price
29615910 100L/200L Stainless Steel Dolly 200 L On Request
29615906 500L insert 1000 L On Request
29615905 Foldable bin, 100L/200L 200 L On Request
29615907 100L/ 200L insert 200 L On Request
29615904 Foldable bin, 500L/1000L 1000 L On Request
29615909 500L/1000L Stainless Steel Dolly 1000 L On Request
29384061 BIN, 200 L RTP XL, POLYPROPYLENE 200 L On Request
29384064 BIN, 1000 L RTP XL, POLYPROPYLENE 1000 L On Request
29384063 BIN, 500 L RTP XL, POLYPROPYLENE 500 L On Request
29384060 BIN, 100 L RTP XL, POLYPROPYLENE 100 L On Request

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