Bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit is designed for the rapid extraction and purification of high molecular weight genomic DNA (gDNA) from Gram-negative (G-) and Gram-positive (G+) bacteria.

  • Total DNA extraction time under one hour with reduced lysis time
  • Can be used to purify 4 to 8 μg of genomic DNA from 2 × 109 bacteria cells with input amounts ranging from 1 × 109 to 4 × 109 bacteria cells
  • Spin columns, prepacked with a silica membrane, provide excellent reproducibility and consistency
  • Verified in several downstream applications including RT PCR, long PCR, and restriction enzyme digests
  • Color-coded for ease of use

Most bacteria have a genome that consists of a single DNA molecule (i.e., one chromosome that is several million base pairs in size and is ""circular"": without ends like the chromosomes of eukaryotic organisms). In addition, bacteria may have one or more smaller circular DNA molecules, called plasmids, that usually contain non-essential genes.

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