Nucleon BACC system rapidly extracts high molecular weight DNA from whole blood and cultured cells.

  • Developed for rapid extraction of high-quality, high molecular weight genomic DNA from whole blood and cell cultures
  • Recovers DNA ranging in size from 23 to 250 kbp as determined by pulse-field gel electrophoresis
  • Features a phenol-free protocol requiring only 30 min to complete

Nucleon BACC system, genomic DNA isolation kit

There are many methods of purifying, extracting or isolating genomic DNA, and illustra Nucleon BACC Genomic DNA Extraction Kits are particularly well-adapted to the need for standardization when analyzing multiple routine samples, such as blood, cell culture, and tissue samples in core facilities.

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Product Product Name Price
RPN8501 Nucleon BACC1 25 kits 221.00 USD Add to cart


RPN8512 Nucleon BACC3 50 kits 502.00 USD Add to cart


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