Nucleon PhytoPure produces the DNA quality, length, and purity of a phenol-chloroform extraction without phenol.

  • Efficiently removes plant polysaccharides ensuring high yields of high-quality plant genomic DNA in only 1 h
  • Two kit sizes provide economical scale-up using the same phenol-free protocol

Nucleon PhytoPure, a DNA extraction kit for high-quality plant and fungal genomic DNA purification

Nucleon PhytoPure extracts genomic DNA from plant and fungal samples in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods, while efficiently removing proteins and polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are very common contaminants in plant DNA extracts, and often result in difficult-to-handle, "slimy" DNA pellets. Although most plant DNA extraction techniques are effective at removing proteins, they are much less successful with polysaccharides.

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RPN8511 Nucleon PhytoPure 50 preps x 1.0 g 575.00 USD Add to cart


RPN8510 Nucleon PhytoPure 50 preps x 0.1g 290.00 USD Add to cart


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