Sera-Xtracta Genomic DNA Kit offers magnetic bead based extraction and purification of genomic DNA from whole blood. The simplified protocol minimizes the co-purification of RNA, removing the need for RNAse treatment in most applications. The kit yields genomic DNA with the high purity and quality required by today’s molecular biology techniques.

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  • High recovery rates: 4–8 μg from 200 μL of whole blood.
  • High purity genomic DNA: purity ratio (A260/A280) greater than 1.7.
  • Simplified protocol minimizes the co-purification of RNA removing the need for RNAse treatment in most applications.
  • Compatible with molecular biology techniques, including next generation sequencing (NGS), cloning, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR amplification and genotyping applications.

The kit uses chaotropic agents to extract DNA from blood cells, denature protein components and promote the selective binding of DNA to the silica-coated magnetic beads. Proteinase K is the protease of choice to digest protein from samples, because it is active even when enzyme inhibitors such as EDTA and detergents are present in samples. Denatured contaminants are easily removed by subsequent washing of the silica beads with an ethanolic buffer set. The purified genomic DNA is eluted in a low ionic strength buffer at a concentration suitable for most downstream molecular biology applications.

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