PlasmidPrep Midi Flow Kit is a gravity flow plasmid prep kit designed for the purification of large yields of transfection-grade plasmid DNA that is proportional to the input sample volume.

  • Provides plasmid DNA with excellent purity, > 70% (strain-dependent) of supercoiled plasmid DNA
  • Increased ease of use due to minimal pipetting volume changes, color-coded kit components, and pre-equilibrated columns
  • Consistently produces pure plasmid DNA with low levels of endotoxin contamination, < 10 endotoxin units (EU) per μg of plasmid DNA

The mechanism of adding a DNA plasmid into a mammalian cell is known as plasmid transfection, and for it to work, transfection-grade plasmid DNA is needed. To obtain efficient gene transfer by transfection, plasmid DNA can be complexed with lipid reagents for more efficient delivery into the cell's nucleus, essential for subsequent protein expression of the gene of interest.

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