Megaprime DNA Labeling System allows the labeling of template DNA to the same high specific activity but at a greatly accelerated rate.

  • For labeling of DNA probes to specific activities > 1 × 10⁹ dpm/µg in 10 min.
  • Features cloned Klenow fragment and random nonamers in the random-prime labeling technique.
  • No need to remove unincorporated nucleotides before hybridization.
  • Protocols for labeling directly from low melting point agarose.

Megaprime DNA Labeling Systems are used for rapid, random-prime labeling from as little as 25 ng substrate DNA. Each system includes the following reagents, sufficient for 30 or 60 reactions (depending on product ordered): primer solution, labeling buffer, reaction buffer, enzyme, standard DNA solution, and carrier DNA solution.

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Product Product Name Price
RPN1607 Megaprime DNA Labeling System, dCTP (for use with labeled dCTP) dCTP 60 reactions 1 217.00 USD Add to cart


RPN1606 Megaprime DNA Labeling System, dCTP (for use with labeled dCTP) dCTP 30 reactions 835.00 USD Add to cart


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