Ready-To-Go DNA Labeling Beads (-dCTP)

  • Ambient-temperature-stable, single-dose reaction spheres for labeling DNA to specific activities > 10⁹ dpm/µg in as little as 5 min using labeled dCTP.
  • Predispensed spheres in individual reaction tubes eliminate the potential for cross-contamination.
  • Beads reconstitute immediately upon addition of water or buffer to a final reaction volume of 50 µl.
  • DNA can be labeled in solution or in the presence of low melting point agarose.
  • Reaction mixtures efficiently incorporate 32P- or 35S-labeled dCTP.

The kit includes the following reagents, sufficient for 20 reactions using 32P- or 35S-labeled dCTP. Reaction mix: 20 individual reaction spheres glassified from a buffered aqueous solution containing dATP, dGTP, dTTP, random nonamers [d(N)₉] and Klenow fragment, and control DNA.

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