Amersham Typhoon NIR laser scanner precisely quantitates up to two proteins, nucleic acids, or other biomolecules detected with NIR labeled antibodies.

  • Versatility: image multifluorescent-labeled on gels, membranes, microplates, culture dishes, and tissue sections*
  • Infrared fluorescence imaging: use near-infrared (NIR) excitation to image IRDye™ and other infrared dyes
  • Accurate quantitation: detect signals from very low levels (pg) of protein and differences across a dynamic range with greater than 5 orders of magnitude
  • High resolution: resolve fine details in your sample with a pixel resolution of 10 µm
  • High sample throughput: maximize efficiency using 40 × 46 cm scanning area to simultaneously image up to 20 gels or blots (10 × 8 cm) or 9 multiwell plates
  • Ease of use: auto- and semi auto-scan functions, automatic filter recognition, and modular access make system well suited to multiuser environments
  • Open data format: output image files are compatible with other open platform analysis software, such as ImageJ

 * Depending on the sample format, additional accessories might be needed for the best performance. 

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