The Minifold I is a 96-well filtration/incubation unit for processing dot-blot assays of nucleic acids or proteins.

  • Eliminates cross-lateral flow of reagents across the solid phase. Forming discrete and uniform test dots for easy isolation and quantitation of results.
  • Includes: a sample well plate with clamping plate and silicone O-rings, a filtration plate and a vacuum plenum.
  • The Minifold I, constructed from acrylic plastic, can be decontaminated with 10% ethanol or 10% NaOH and should not be autoclaved.

The Minifold I System is compatible with multichannel pipettes and consists of four basic components: sample well plate, filter support plate, vacuum plenum, and metal clamping plate. The sample well plate is available in three configurations for producing spots, dots, or slots. All three plates are interchangeable and can be purchased as accessory plates or in conjunction with a complete system. The tension on the clamping is adjustable, permitting use of a variety of blotting and filtration media.

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Product Product Name Price
10447941 Minifold I Slot-Blot System, complete 48-well (acrylic) 48-well Slot-Blot plate Temporarily unavailable
10447900 Minifold I Dot-Blot System, complete 96-well (acrylic) 96-well Dot-Blot plate Temporarily unavailable
10447850 Minifold I Spot-Blot System, complete 96-well (acrylic) 96-well Spot-Blot plate Temporarily unavailable

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