CyDye Post-Labeling Reactive Dye Pack for the generation of highly fluorescent Cy3- and Cy5-labeled probes via post-labeling (amino allyl) method.

  • Uses Reactive CyDye fluorescent dyes: optimized for microarray probe labeling
  • Provides conveniently packaged, highly reactive Cy3 and Cy5 monofunctional NHS ester: to label probes via the post-labeling (amino allyl) route for use in microarray applications

A two-step protocol to prepare cDNA probes labeled with CyDye fluorescent dyes

In the first step, reverse transcriptase synthesizes first-strand cDNA, incorporating a chemically reactive nucleotide analog (amino allyl-dUTP) into the cDNA. The mRNA template is then degraded and the cDNA purified to remove free nucleotides and primers. In the second step, the purified cDNA is post-labeled with the reactive forms of Cy3 or Cy5 NHS esters that bind to the modified amino allyl-nucleotides. After a final purification, the labeled cDNA is ready for hybridization.

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CyDye Post-Labeling Reactive Dye Pack
12 x Cy3 12 x Cy5 796.00 USD Add to cart


Cy5 Post-Labeling Reactive Dye Pack
Cy3 Post-Labeling Reactive Dye Pack

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