CyDye fluors combine exceptional photostability with bright and intense signals, resulting in high sensitivity and a highly reproducible performance at a biologically suitable pH range of 3 to 10.

  • Wide selection of CyDye fluors for protein labeling for use in ELISA & immunoprecipitation
  • Labeling strategy based on protein characteristics
  • Medium to high-throughput fluorescence imaging
  • Ready-to-use labeled antibodies enable multiplexed assays
  • Streptavidin-conjugated CyDye fluors for use in Flow-cytometry and In situ hybridization
  • Linkage of Cy dyes allows labeled DNA to hybridize to other DNA
  • For incorporation of Cy5 fluorescent dyes at any position in an oligonucleotide during synthesis
  • DNA synthesis reagent

Amersham™ CyDye™ fluors are versatile fluorophores designed for a broad range of applications. The use of multicolor CyDye fluors enables multiplexing without crosstalk. In addition, the CyDye flours readily dissolve in aqueous buffers, which eliminates the need of organic solvents. The high purity and thorough QC testing of Amersham CyDye fluors generate high levels of chromophore and reactive dye content. Narrow excitation and emission bands result in discrete signals from each fluor, which together with minimal cross-talk contributes to high accuracy.

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Product Product Name Price
Cy5 Amidite
10 g 28,600.00 USD Add to cart


Cy5 Amidite
1 g 4,033.00 USD Add to cart


Cy5 Amidite
20 g 56,600.00 USD Add to cart


Cy5 Amidite
100 mg 517.00 USD Add to cart


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