ÄKTA oligopilot plus is a compact, pump-driven system for small-scale synthesis design in two different scale ranges: 10 – 50* μmol and 50 µmol – 9* mmol. It is a flexible, cost-efficient, and fully automated synthesizer employing flow-through synthesis technology. The instruments are designed for research and process development of oligonucleotide synthesis process.

  • Flexibility in synthesis methods, chemistry and scale
  • Cost-efficient and high-quality synthesis
  • Seven column positions and up to twelve monomer positions
  • Easy scale-up due to flow-through technology
  • On-line monitoring with conductivity and UV monitors
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compatible UNICORN control software
  • Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation is available

A flexible and fully-automated oligonucleotide synthesizer

ÄKTA oligopilot plus is a flexible and fully-automated DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesizer designed for use in research and for process development. ÄKTA oligopilot plus is designed to meet the needs of various oligonucleotide chemistries and therapeutics (RNAi, siRNA, aptamer, antisense, immunostimulating CpG motifs, Exon skipping) enabling cost-efficient synthesis of high-quality oligonucleotides.

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