Preformulated and predispensed, freeze-dried PCR reagents mix including high-quality PuReTaq DNA Polymerase and a hot start activator protein, for increased specificity and reproducibility of PCR amplifications.

  • Recombinant hot start activator protein sequesters primers prior to PCR, effectively reducing nonspecific priming and primer-dimer formation.
  • Avoids the risk of contamination from a mammalian source associated with hot start antibodies.
  • Quick hot start activation preserves sample integrity by avoiding extensive precycling heat treatment.
  • Streamlines the workflow and yields more reproducible results.
  • Long-term ambient-temperature stable: no freezer space required; less energy consumption for shipping and storage
  • Validated for real-time PCR.


Hot Start Mix RTG is a premixed, predispensed, ambient temperature- stable formulation that can effectively reduce nonspecific priming and primer-dimer formation during PCR. The system is based on a novel hot start method that uses a hot start activator protein to sequester primers prior to PCR, thereby making them unavailable for nonspecific priming during the reaction preparation. This method requires only a quick 2 min initial PCR activation step. In contrast, other commercially available hot start PCR kits that are based on chemical inactivation require prolonged incubation at high temperatures, which may damage the DNA template by heat-induced depurination. The net result from using Hot Start Mix RTG is a more robust and reliable amplification of the target amplicons with increased yield when compared with conventional hot start master mix products. Furthermore, the mix does not contain Taq antibody and this eliminates the risk of mammalian-source contamination.

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Product Product Name Price
Amersham Hot Start Mix Ready-To-Go
0.2 ml 96 reactions 250.00 USD Add to cart


Amersham Hot Start Mix Ready-To-Go
0.2 ml 480 reactions 1,116.00 USD Add to cart


Amersham Hot Start Mix Ready-To-Go
0.5 ml 100 reactions 230.00 USD Add to cart


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