GenomiPhi V3 Ready-To-Go DNA Amplification Kit offers highly efficient and representative whole-genome amplification with 12 to 20 μg yield from nanogram amounts of DNA sample.

  • Representative amplification of the whole genome.
  • Preformulated, predispensed, single-dose, lyophilized cakes for rapid reaction set-up and greater reproducibility.
  • Quick and simple automation-friendly protocol; no thermal cycler required.
  • Shipping and storage at room temperature provides easy access and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Yields high-quality DNA (e.g. for high-throughput genotyping and DNA archival).


GenomiPhi V3 Ready-To-Go DNA Amplification Kit is part of the Phi29 DNA polymerase family of products from Cytiva. It contains all of the components necessary for whole genome amplification by isothermal strand displacement amplification. The reaction mixture is provided as predispensed, single-dose, lyophilized cakes in either strips of 8 tubes, or 96-well plates.

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Product Product Name Price
25-6601-97 GenomiPhi V3 Ready-To-Go DNA Amplification Kit 480 reactions 3,457.00 USD Add to cart


25-6601-96 GenomiPhi V3 Ready-To-Go DNA Amplification Kit 96 reactions 738.00 USD Add to cart


25-6601-24 GenomiPhi V3 Ready-To-Go DNA Amplification Kit 24 reaction 248.00 USD Add to cart


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