RAPD analysis is a technique for rapidly detecting genomic polymorphisms. A single short oligonucleotide primer of arbitrary sequence is used under low stringency conditions in PCR to generate a reproducible array of strain-specific products.

  • For performing DNA profiling experiments using the randomly amplified polymorphic DNA [RAPD (1)] technique.
  • Preformulated, predispensed, single-dose reaction beads are provided as ambient-temperature-stable beads to ensure greater reproducibility between reactions, minimize pipetting steps and reduce the potential for pipetting errors and contamination.
  • RAPD* reactions are simple to perform—simply add genomic DNA solution and primer to a tube of RAPD Analysis Beads to a final reaction volume of 25 μl and cycle the reaction.
  • Each lot of RAPD Analysis Beads is function-tested to ensure its ability to generate a differential banding pattern between the two control E. coli strains using RAPD Analysis Primer 2 included with the RAPD beads.
  • RAPD reactions are pre-optimized for use with a wide variety of organisms.

Ready-To-Go RAPD Analysis Beads are designed as premixed , predispensed reactions for performing random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis. With RAPD analysis, genomic polymorphisms can be detected at multiple loci using only nanogram quantities of DNA. The RAPD reactions are provided as room-temperature-stable dried beads that contain all the necessary reagents, except primer, for performing RAPD analysis.

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27950001 Amersham Ready-To-Go RAPD Analysis Beads 100 reactions 896.00 USD Add to cart


27950201 Amersham Ready-To-Go RAPD Analysis Kit 100 reactions and 6 primers 1,335.00 USD Add to cart


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