Single Cell GenomiPhi DNA Amplification kit combines the unique capabilities of Phi29 DNA polymerase with an optimized formulation to amplify genomic DNA from 1-1000 cells without background interference.

  • Whole Genome Amplification of genomic DNA from as little as a single cell.
  • Novel clean-up process supresses background allowing sensitivity down to 1 fg of input DNA.
  • Simple Isothernal strand displacement (MDA) technology using Phi29 DNA polymerase.
  • Amplifications can be completed in less than 3 hours with less than 15 minutes hands-on time.
  • Optimized to promote complete cell lysis with uniform denaturation of DNA prior to amplification.

Delivering High Quality gDNA from a Single Cell

Genomic analysis from single cells is an emerging area as researchers focus in on differences within cell populations. The amount of genomic DNA needed to carry out a full range of testing has impacted progress, and while techniques become more sensitive, sharing a single cell's DNA across platforms is not possible.

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GenomiPhi Single Cell DNA Amplification Kit
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GenomiPhi Single Cell DNA Amplification Kit
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