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The kit provides 50 single-dose, ambient-temperature-stable, first-strand cDNA synthesis reactions, each containing NotI-(dT)18 Primer, Cloned FPLCpure M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor, and nucleotides.

  • For synthesis of full-length first-strand cDNA templates from polyadenylated RNA for use in RT-PCR.
  • Preformulated, ambient-temperature-stable, single-dose glassified reaction mixes minimize pipetting errors, avoid potential cross-contamination of subsequent PCR products, and ensure optimal performance from each reaction.
  • Predispensed reaction mixes are highly suitable for research applications which use PCR to detect and quantify eukaryotic RNA species isolated from a variety of cell sources and tissue samples.
  • Reaction mixes include NotI-(dT)18 primer in sufficient quantity to serve as a downstream PCR primer for performing 3'-RACE. Final reaction volume is 33 µl once reconstituted.
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27926301 Ready-To-Go T-Primed First-Strand Kit 50 reactions On Request

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