The kit provides 50 preformulated, single-dose reaction beads prepackaged in thin-walled 0.5 ml tubes compatible with most thermal cyclers. For synthesis of first-strand cDNA templates from total RNA or polyadenylated RNA using a primer of choice.

  • For synthesis of first-strand cDNA templates from total RNA or polyadenylated RNA using a primer of choice for RT-PCR.
  • Predispensed, ambient-temperature-stable, single-dose reaction beads minimize pipetting errors, avoid cross-contamination, and ensure optimal performance.
  • First-strand reaction beads contain no primer, thus allowing users to select a first-strand primer of choice.
  • Highly suitable for research applications that use PCR to detect and quantify eukaryotic RNA from a variety of samples.
  • Reaction beads are function-tested for first-strand synthesis of cDNA up to 7.5 kb and in RT-PCR from blood samples.
  • Completed reactions (33 µl final volume) can be used directly in PCR after adding water, Taq DNA polymerase, and primers; first-strand cDNA can also be used as a template for traditional Gubler-Hoffman second-strand cDNA synthesis.

Each kit contains predispensed first-strand reaction mixes which are treated by a special process turning each one into two small beads, stable at ambient temperatures. Each first-strand reaction is quickly reconstituted when mixed with an aqueous solution. Thus, with Ready-To-Go You-Prime First-Strand Beads, preparation and setup are convenient. The beads are reconstituted with the denatured RNA sample, primer is added, and the reaction is placed at 37°C for 60 minutes. The completed first-strand reaction is then available for PCR amplification or second-strand cDNA synthesis.

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Ready-To-Go You-Prime First-Strand Beads
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