SeraSil-Mag™ silica coated superparamagnetic beads for nucleic acid isolation deliver high purity DNA extraction for highly sensitive applications where sample is scarce. These beads provide an optimal surface for nucleic acid binding with high performance and low background.

New application note: Sensitive detection of RNA and DNA viruses such as: Adenovirus (Type 14), Influenza A (H3N2) and COVID-19 with SeraSil-Mag™ Virus/Pathogen Kit

  • High magnetization (60 emu/g) and strong binding capacity giving fast magnetic response (~5 secs) and shorten time required for magnetic steps during isolation.
  • Beads come in two sizes (submicroscale diameter 700 nm and 400 nm), offering choice based on surface requirements and high binding capacity due to the small sized particles.
  • Beads are monodispersed with narrow size distribution for consistent, reproducible results.
  • Silanol hydroxyl groups on the bead surface give efficient, high purity isolation of nucleic acids.
  • Tested for microbial contamination.
  • Good buoyancy stability (low sedimentation rate): beads remain well suspended and dispersed for over 90 mins (at 1 mg/mL concentration),* providing good handling and suitability for automation. *Beads may settle faster at higher concentration.

Find out which magnetic bead chemistry meets your application requirements in Magbeads 101: A guide to choosing and using magnetic beads and explore ways to optimize your magnetic bead workflow in Scientists guide to magnetic beads

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Product Product Name Price
SeraSil-Mag™ 400 beads 5 mL
5 mL 116.53 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 400 beads 60 mL
60 mL 562.00 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 400 beads 1L
1 L 5,084.00 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 700 beads 1L
1 L 4,356.00 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 400 beads 450 mL
450 mL 2,454.00 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 700 beads 450 mL
450 mL 2,045.00 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 700 beads 5 mL
5 mL 97.11 USD Add to cart


SeraSil-Mag™ 700 beads 60 mL
60 mL 468.00 USD Add to cart


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