NAP DNA columns are disposable DNA purification size exclusion columns, prepacked with Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade which require only gravity to run.

  • For rapid and efficient purification of DNA and oligonucleotides (≥ 10-mers) in less than 15 minutes by gravity flow
  • Prepacked with Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade in distilled water containing 0.15% Kathon CG/ICP Biocide
  • Available in three sizes depending on sample volume: 0.5 mL (NAP-5), 1 mL (NAP-10) or 2.5 mL (NAP-25)
  • Useful for small-scale purification, oligo purification, desalting, and buffer exchange

NAP DNA purification columns with Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade can be used for any DNA greater than 10 bases in length. These disposable DNA purification columns are ideal for the purification of oligonucleotides or very small DNA fragments following synthesis or a DNA labeling reaction, and for downstream applications such as PCR amplification and sequencing.

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Product Product Name Price
17085202 Amersham NAP-25 Columns < 2.5 mL 50 columns 658.00 USD Add to cart


17085301 Amersham NAP-5 Columns < 0.5 mL 20 columns 189.82 USD Add to cart


17085302 Amersham NAP-5 Columns < 0.5 mL 50 columns 447.00 USD Add to cart


17085401 Amersham NAP-10 Columns < 1 mL 20 columns 208.00 USD Add to cart


17085402 Amersham NAP-10 Columns < 1 mL 50 columns 475.00 USD Add to cart


17085201 Amersham NAP-25 Columns < 2.5 mL 20 columns 309.00 USD Add to cart


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