Sephadex™ G-100 DNA Grade is ideal for use in preparing spin columns for DNA purification.

  • For DNA purification from small molecules by gel filtration in spin columns with an exclusion limit of 25bp ds DNA
  • Tested to ensure reproducibly high recovery of DNA
  • Suitable for researchers who prefer to prepare their own columns for nucleic acid purification
  • Sephadex G-50 DNA Grade is used in AutoSeq G-50 columns, ProbeQuant G-50 Micro Columns, MicroSpin G-50 Columns, and NICK Columns

Sephadex G-100 is one of five different G-types ranging from G-10 for small molecules to G-75 for larger molecules. Spin columns packed with Sephadex G-100 DNA Grade allow for high-recovery nucleic acid purification via gel filtration. Gel filtration resins do not exhibit a fixed exclusion limit when used in a spin-column format. In spin-column chromatography, the observed exclusion properties that allow the product to pass through the gel while the smaller impurities are retained depend on experimental factors, such as the resin used, sample volume, product size, and the g-forces used in the purification process.

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