AutoScreen 96-Well Plate is used for purification of sequencing samples reactions prior to analysis on capillary array electrophoresis (CAE) sequencers such as MegaBACE 1000 or ABI Prism Sequencing instruments.

  • Includes DNA Grade Sephadex G-50 rehydrated in double-distilled water as well as 0.05% Kathon™ CG/ICP Biocide added as a preservative.
  • Preferred loading volume is 15 to 20 µL. The suggested range for loading volumes to achieve optimum purification is 10 to 20 µL.
  • A plate lid may be used during this centrifugation step to improve consistency of volume recovery and reduce the likelihood of contamination during purification steps in sample sequencing.

AutoScreen 96-Well Plates used with MegaBACE 1000 can show two to three times lower signal intensities compared with intensities from Ethanol-Precipitated reactions. This does not affect read lengths.
AutoScreen 96 is also applicable to other size exclusion chromatography applications.

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