TempliPhi, based on Phi29 DNA polymerase, is used to exponentially amplify single- or double-stranded circular DNA by rolling circle amplification (RCA).

  • Prepare templates for cycle sequencing, cloning, and transformation from circular DNA starting material efficiently, in 4 to 6 hours
  • Generate microgram quantities of template DNA from picogram amounts of circular DNA
  • Use amplified DNA directly for cycle sequencing without purification
  • Amplify DNA from bacterial or M13 liquid cultures, colonies, plaques, glycerol stocks, or purified circular (plasmid or M13) DNA
  • Reduces time, labor, and quantity of consumables needed for sequencing template preparation
  • Allows easy automation of workflow for efficient low- to medium-throughput small DNA vector preparation

Trends in rolling circle amplification: Capabilities for manipulation, error free production and assembly of nucleic acids are advancing. Find out how TempliPhi amplification kits use isothermal rolling circle amplification (RCA), enabled by phi29 DNA polymerase, to support these advancements.

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25640010 TempliPhi 100 Amplification Kit 100 reactions 339.00 USD Add to cart


25640050 TempliPhi 500 Amplification Kit 500 reactions 1 617.00 USD Add to cart


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