illustra TempliPhi Large Construct Kit uses isothermal rolling circle amplification (RCA) to efficiently prepare DNA sequencing templates specifically from large DNA vectors (e.g., fosmids and BACs).

  • Developed for high-throughput users and specifically designed for BAC or fosmid DNA preparation.
  • Start from microliter quantities of purified templates, as well as bacterial culture or glycerol stocks.
  • Generate 5 μg amounts of total DNA.
  • Simplified process, 20 min hands-on time.
  • Amplification is completed in 18 h with no need for thermal cycling.
  • Simple, automation-friendly protocol with great reproducibility.


TempliPhi Large Construct DNA Amplification Kit (TempliPhi LC Kit) was developed specifically to prepare templates for BAC or fosmid DNA sequencing. The TempliPhi method utilizes bacteriophage Phi29 DNA polymerase enzyme to exponentially amplify single- or double-stranded circular DNA templates by rolling circle amplification (RCA). This isothermal amplification method produces microgram quantities of DNA from picogram amounts of starting material in a few hours. Amplification in vitro of very small amounts of template DNA eliminates the need for overnight cell culture and conventional plasmid or M13 DNA purification. The proofreading activity of Phi29 DNA polymerase ensures high fidelity DNA replication.

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