Reinforced 0.2 µm protein blotting membrane for multiple reprobings.

  • Recommended for detection of small proteins and peptides (< Mr 20 000).
  • Versatile, robust, and excellent signal-to-noise ratios.
  • Optimal for applications when stripping and reprobing is required.

Robust support

Amersham Protran Supported offers excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background, especially when used with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, or Amersham ECL Select Western blotting systems. This robust support allows repeated stripping and reprobing.

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Product Product Name Price
10600015 Amersham Protran Supported 0.2 NC 300mm×4m 1 roll/PK 300mmx4m 1 391.00 USD Add to cart


10600017 Amersham Protran Supported 0.2 NC 200mm×4m 1 roll/PK 200mmx4m 1 385.00 USD Add to cart


10600019 Amersham Protran Supported 0.2 NC 150mm×4m 1 roll/PK 150mmx4m 1 310.00 USD Add to cart


10600053 Amersham Protran Supported 0.2 NC 200mm×200mm 25 sheets/PK 200x200mm 25 298.00 USD Add to cart


10600037 Amersham Protran Supported 0.2 NC 300mm×600mm 5/PK 300x600mm 5 443.00 USD Add to cart


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