Amersham QuickStain enables protein detection directly after SDS-PAGE or transfer. Supports Western blot normalization for quantitative Western blotting.

  • Quick SDS-PAGE analysis: Prelabel protein samples with ready-to-use Cy5 dye for quick, sensitive detection without gel staining and destaining
  • Easy Western blot normalization: Use standard 30 min protocol for quantitative Western blotting results; avoids the need for loading controls
  • Wide sample range: Effectively label complex samples or pure proteins from 1 µg/mL to 20 mg/mL, so no need to pre-measure protein concentrations
  • Good sensitivity: As sensitive as silver staining with wider dynamic range
  • Broad dynamic range: Simultaneously detect main band and impurity levels as low as 0.1% intensity of main band, using a fluorescence scanner or imager
  • Versatility: Load samples onto self-poured gels or a variety of commercial gels; possible because most materials have low Cy5 fluorescence

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