Hybond-N is a strong, supported membrane that is inherently hydrophilic and requires no prewetting. Nucleic acids can be quickly and easily crosslinked to nylon using UV light. When using low buffer volumes Hybond-NX is recommended.

  • Neutral nylon membrane with a binding capacity for nucleic acids up to 600 µg/cm².

All Hybond membranes are manufactured specifically for life science applications. Production runs are carefully controlled and the product exhaustively screened to ensure that only the most consistent product reaches the user. All Hybond membranes are identical on both sides. Supported nylon membranes have a high binding capacity for nucleic acid, in addition to high tensile strength. For applications requiring a high degree of sensitivity and/or reprobing these types of membranes are an ideal choice. Due to its high protein binding capacity, nylon requires extensive blocking prior to detection with antibodies to avoid high backgrounds. Consequently, nylon membranes are not recommended for use in Western blotting.

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Product Product Name Price
RPN203N Hybond-N (20 cm × 3 m) Roll 20 cm x 3 m 1 Temporarily unavailable
RPN2020N Hybond-N (20 × 20 cm) Sheets 20 x 20 cm 10 Temporarily unavailable
RPN303N Hybond-N (30 cm × 3 m) Roll 30 cm x 3 m 1 Temporarily unavailable
RPN82N Hybond-N (82 mm) Discs Ø 82 mm 50 Temporarily unavailable

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