• Highest capacity electrophoresis unit with the largest precast gels available (26 u 20 cm)
  • Stable, discontinuous buffer system in a precast, homogeneous gel features high batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Simple-to-use gel cassettes for gel loading, unloading, and storage
  • Programmable power supply and temperature control ensure high reproducibility among runs.
  • System design minimizes buffer consumption.

DALT gel 12.5 and buffer kit

Dalt gel 12.5 (26 x 20 cm) is a precast polyacrylamide gel bound to a plastic support film, which provides ease of handling and dimensional stability. The gels are barcoded for convenient sample and batch tracking. Dalt gel 12.5 is used together with dalt buffer kit, which comprises concentrated buffers for running the gel, gel buffer for inserting the gel into dalt precast gel cassette, and sealing solution for application of the ipg strip. The buffer in the gel is part of a buffer system that gives longer shelf-life. Precast gel cassettes improve handling efficiency and throughput. Gels can be quickly loaded and unloaded with minimal hands-on time

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Product Product Name Price
17600250 DALT Buffer Kit for 12 Precast Gels 1 kit Temporarily unavailable

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